Recommendations from former colleagues.

Alora knows how to bring out the best performance in her team. She instinctively understands your inner strengths and capitalizes on them in a way that makes the organization stronger while fostering your own professional growth. Alora is a disrupter - she never accepts the status quo. Alora is leadership - up, across and down the organization. Alora's not just an individual, she's a force of nature that makes change happen. She doesn't just communicate, she communicates masterfully and she won't just empower you, she makes you believe you can fly.
From the first time I met Alora, I knew this was someone that would transform an organization for the better. I also knew the positive influence she would have on my leadership style and I was not disappointed. To me leading an organization is about three things: 1. Energy - Alora brings an infectious energy to every room and conversation . People simply are naturally moved to change, improve, and succeed once she is done. A leader can either direct or inspire. Alora definitely inspires. 2. Drive to Improve - Alora’s desire to improve is evident daily. She encouraged and pushed us to find new innovative ways to improve not only our teams but ourselves as well. We explored new ideas in dedicated meetings and open door discussions. Alora even pass passages from books/articles that we discuss and selected personalized readings for individuals. 3. Promote Ownership - For as much as she pushed us to be better, Alora pushed herself harder to be better every day. You saw her thinking. You saw how much she would read. She simply did not tell us how to be better, she showed us. Without a doubt, this organization and my leadership style is better due to Alora’s leadership.
I had the pleasure of working closely with Alora for almost two years. During that time, Alora helped to transform our managed services business from an idea into a reality. She was instrumental in all aspects of the business set up, including personnel, contracts, SLAs and customer acquisition. Truly, without her, it’s very unlikely Lightwell would have been successful in standing up that business. Alora is one of the brightest people I’ve had the privilege of working with. She can process information incredibly quickly, distilling it down to the most important facts. She has the ability to think like the customer would, anticipating their questions and addressing them before they’ve even articulated their thoughts. Alora is a strategic thinker that always pushed me and the organization to think bigger and create opportunities we didn’t think possible. On top, she’s creative, pleasant and has an incredible talent in storytelling, both verbally and pictorially.
Alora is an incredible asset to any dynamic, rapidly growing team of entrepreneurs. Her ability to be thrown into any situation, pivot as needed, and stay organized while keeping the client relationship calm and constructive is an asset to any organization. I'd strongly recommend that any founder who wants to build a strong team, but have a senior leader with a passion for managing and driving them to excellence, bring Alora on board.
Alora and I made an incredible team. We would often brainstorm on how to build out the organization and keep the team focused. Together we doubled the size of the services organization and brought in some amazing talent. She was also instrumental in turning around some very difficult customer relationships that she inherited from her predecessor. As great as she is at running the business side, her real gift is the confident leadership she provides. In our Austin office she was one of four Vice Presidents but she was the one who everyone turned to for inspiration and guidance. Even people who didn't report to her would seek out her advice. She always had creative ideas on how to motivate the team and keep the office working effectively.