Building an organization that the best and brightest want to work at is one-part science and one-part art. A sustainable high-performing culture does not happen by accident, and it requires commitment from your leadership team — from the CEO on down.

Getting Started

Starting with a review of the current business, I work with CEOs to define not only the structure of their organization, but also what kind of culture they value and want their company to be known for. Once this is defined, then the next step is to build a plan to get there.

Getting Down to Business

Once we settle on a goal, the work really begins. Whether it starts with a management training workshop, or with a values definition exercise with your staff, setting about to make lasting and meaningful change is like training for a marathon: you have to keep at it, knowing that some days’ setbacks will lead to another day’s victories.

Why Coaching is Critical

Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions with the leadership team is the best and most effective way to make sure that each manager and their team are making progress towards their goals. So much training and consulting turns into shelfware without committed use, and coaching is the single most efficient way to make sure that your team is continuing to put one foot in front of the other in pursuit of the organization’s goals.