Organizational Culture

Just about every company I ever enter has values posted on the wall. It is rare, however, that the employees working inside that company agree that they live and experience those values on a daily basis.

What is your real organizational culture? Not your aspirational one. Not the one you had when you first started. But today. Now. What is it? 

One of the hardest things for many leaders to accept is that their company has grown beyond the culture they first developed. Most sincere and passionate leaders believe strongly that they have a company with a great culture — and maybe they still do. But more often than not, it’s still probably different than you think it is.

The biggest difficulty for many founders is to recognize that they are no longer just ‘one of the guys’ and that there are things that happen in their company — some good, some bad — that they will never be aware of. And many of those things fuel what their culture has become, and what their employees experience first-hand.

Just because your team has grown, your business has expanded and your culture has changed doesn’t mean that you don’t get to influence it. It just means that it is now a more deliberate and conscious effort. It requires planning, conversation and collaboration with your teams.

There is such great potential for how your culture can evolve as your company grows. And it really should reflect your values — and the values of your team. The strongest cultures are the most deliberate. So why not decide what you want it to be, and then get help building the plan to get there?