Tools for managers to apply within their teams to help cultivate employee engagement and team performance. Please feel free to download each template for use within your organization.

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Engaged Manager Download

With the three starting templates in this spreadsheet, every manager starts with the first three steps:

  1. Have you earned the right to lead?
  2. Current engagement issues on your team
  3. Do you know what matters to your team?

Team Success Criteria Plotter

By defining the two most critical success criteria for the members of your team, you can then plot your individual team members on a two-axis grid to identify where you need to work on coaching your direct reports for success.

Your Best-Worst Managers

What are the best and worst qualities of managers you’ve had in the past? And, once you’ve defined those, what do those qualities bring up for you when it comes to defining the kind of manager you want to be to your team?

Manager’s Self-Assessment

No is given a blank leadership check. You have to earn your right to lead any team. What are the things you need to work on to be confident that your team is willing to follow where you lead? This self-assessment asks you to take an honest look at how you show up to manage your team, and what you need to work on to earn their support.