Engaged Manager

What exactly is The Engaged Manager?

The Engaged Manager is my consulting and coaching program, designed to help managers up their game and start building out new skills and — even more importantly — habits that can be applied within their team to help drive employee engagement, and therefore performance.

While I will never dismiss the importance of leadership’s role in driving a healthy culture, I meet managers every single day who feel powerless to make an impact. This is particularly true of managers who are part of much larger companies, where decisions about culture seem remote and unrelated to your team’s daily reality.

The Engaged Manager is based around a grassroots notion of what constitutes a strong culture. And the starting point is the relationship between employees and their direct manager. Employee engagement is influenced more by that than by anything else. And a team’s performance is closely tied to the level of engagement.

In a perfect world, all managers in a larger team would be working together to build a management discipline that drove engagement and performance. But in plenty of environments, each manager must find a way to do the best they can on their own. I help with both.


In a broader consulting arrangement, I can work with the leadership and management to build out the goals for the culture, develop the plan and then work with the management team to implement it — including operationalizing key aspects of critical culture lodestones.


One-on-one coaching is often the best way to build new habits. Just like going to a personal trainer helps with accountability and progress towards your fitness goals, a good coach can help you develop a new management regimen that develops engagement levels across your team(s).

Whether you are a project manager trying to keep a stressed cross-functional team energized, or a functional manager trying to grow your people the long-haul, the management skills involved in becoming an Engaged Manager are largely the same. 

If you’d like to know more about how I work with teams and/or individuals, please schedule a complimentary discovery session, and let’s discuss how I can help you achieve your team’s goals.