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Every one of us wants to feel valued and appreciated for our work. We want to know that our contributions have an impact in the companies we work for and on our own personal and professional growth.

Work can serve as a powerful platform for individual development, but every developing company hits ceilings as it grows. While an entrepreneur may have launched a business on pure instinct, sustained growth can prove difficult. Day-to-day operations often get in the way of addressing issues and improving processes, and most entrepreneurs are so busy working in their business that they struggle to work on their business.

In a developing company, the job of the leadership team is to find a way to break through each new ceiling to continue to grow the business. Over time, an organized toolkit becomes the key to growing a business that you run, rather than one that runs you.

My name is Alora Chistiakoff. As a professional leadership and business coach, I help individuals and companies break through barriers and maximize their potential for sustainable, scalable growth.  

Maximize your talents. Optimize your teams.

Through coaching, I have the privilege of helping leaders and managers acquire the skills and tools they need to build strong, healthy teams and organizations. With an approach rooted in Gallup Strengths Training, I help individuals understand and maximize their own talents, while learning how to do the same for their teams.

As a business coach, I work extensively with entrepreneurs and leadership teams to build strengths-based cultures, starting with building a coaching discipline into your management team.

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Start from your strengths.

Teams that understand and invest in their strengths perform better, resulting in increased productivity and sales, higher engagement and lower attrition. As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, I've used the CliftonStrengths assessment for more than a decade. Applied in corporate environments everywhere, it provides one of the most comprehensive, data-driven views of personal strengths available. When used in combination with coaching, it's a powerful force for organizational development and growth.

Building a strengths-based culture can help organizations realize up to:
- 29% increased profit
- 19% increased sales
- 72% lower attrition
- 7% higher customer engagement

Source: Gallup

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My strengths and business coaching packages are designed for entrepreneurs, leadership teams and managers. I offer day-long strategy sessions, weekly management team coaching, and private, one-on-one coaching.


Alora easily identified my strengths and helped me see them from a different point of view. I highly recommend Alora to anyone who is looking for high-performance results.

Yana Mykhailenko

Alora's willingness and ability to contribute to our business vision and execution has played a pivotal role in our development to date.

Elijah May

Alora not only helped me manage politics and produce some of the best results in my career, she has also been a mentor I have been able to return to again and again.

Reshma Patel

Alora instinctively understands your inner strengths and capitalizes on them in a way that makes the organization stronger while fostering your own professional growth.

Terry Woodland

My single best secret career-based asset throughout my career has been Alora Chistiakoff.

Maija Waschke

Alora holds a strong presence in any room, with any audience, and is able to guide a team toward a goal with all parties feeling the highest level of confidence.

Justin Haggerty

Alora takes the time to listen and understand what situation may be occurring and provides honest and practical solutions. Her insights and perspective are spot on.

Amber Bradley

From the first time I met Alora, I knew she was someone that would have a positive influence on my leadership style and I was not disappointed.

Brett Pickin

Not only is Alora approachable and a wonderful listener, she also gives realistic guidance and incredibly sage advice. She makes me feel capable of conquering anything in my role.

Blair Shiff

Alora can energize any team and guide them to a common goal.

John Perona

I’ve seen her tackle an array of personalities with wit and charm. She brings her singular focus, determination, and good humor to tasks large and small.

Julie Goldobin

Alora has great attitude, is a team player and would make an immediate impact at any organization that employs her.

Brian Lombardo

Alora's dynamic and inclusive leadership style motivates me to achieve and grow beyond whatever I may believe my personal limitations to be.

Cherrone Silverman, MA

I especially appreciate Alora’s ability to adjust her style to mine. I hadn’t had a lot of luck with coaching in the past because of my personal preferences, but she was able to get and keep me on course with each session.

Julie Barile

Needless to say that Alora will bring tangible results in the shortest possible time to any team or company.

Konstantin Cheberyachko

Alora has a nearly uncanny perception of the whole picture... She is fiercely focused on the needs and tasks at hand while never loosing sight of the long term goals.

Kari Zanotto

Alora is a synergistic force of professionalism and accomplishment... Her sincerity and candor in her relationships, coupled with her sharp mind and passion for creating sound, successful business outcomes is impressive.

Lisa Baca

Alora Chistiakoff, ACC

In years of running teams and organizations, no matter what my official responsibilities were, the work I found truly meaningful was coaching and mentoring my staff. As a goal-oriented person, I loved checking things off of my to-do list. But it was helping others take steps toward bigger, more significant and meaningful change that fueled me.

I spent 20 years leading consulting practices for technology organizations, helping both scrappy entrepreneurs and publicly traded companies scale and deliver complex technical and organizational solutions. When I became an Associate Certified Coach through ICF (International Coaching Federation), I honed my focus to the individual leaders and managers leading teams and growing companies.

I'm passionate about empowering leaders with the tools and skills they need to build companies that have a positive, lasting impact. I believe front-line managers are the lynch pin that make or break any team. My greatest interest is helping these managers – especially new ones – grow and exercise their strengths and do more for themselves and their organizations than they ever thought possible.

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Create a system for sustainable growth.

Business growth is never completely linear. Every business takes two steps forward, one step back, another step forward and three more back again. As a business coach, I use multiple models for working with clients, tailored to your needs, your team and your current business.

Far too many entrepreneurs are run ragged by their business. Experienced business coaching can provide you with the tools that allow you to run your business, instead of letting your business run you. Through a combination of teaching, facilitating and coaching, I work with entrepreneurs and leadership teams to create a set of clear concepts and practical tools that can be applied in any fast-paced, small business.


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