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Connecting the Dots 2020

This year Connecting the Dots 2020 will be an Online conference for those still seeking to make authentic connections, but now we are doing it via 4 separate one hour panels discussion.

These panels will have 3 experts in their fields of Small Business Ownership, Leadership, Coaching, Operations, and Strategic Mastery: Lawrence Henderson, Alora Chistiakoff and Paul Tripp.

We as a team want to provide what is needed today and tomorrow. These sessions will be jammed packed full of practical, tactical, and actionable takeaways.

You can participate in the following ways:

1. Package of all 4 Session, plus 2 follow-on group Coaching Sessions with one of our awesome leaders.

2. Your pick - you choose the sessions of your choice.

Here are the sessions:

April 3rd: The Power of Decisive Leadership - In the world, we are in we need "Leaders" who not only make decisions, but they are utilizing tools and resources to empower their organizations to be better. This is done by various levels of engagement and training.

April 10th: Manager as Coach - Organizations for too many years promoted Technical Experts first. In times like these we don't need the smartest person in the room we need our leaders with the ability to Coach. A Coach as Manager asks impactful and valuable questions that create a collaborative language for their teams to raise their levels of effectiveness.

April 17th: Managing your expectations during a career/life transition - These are unparalleled times, but it is important for those of us finding ourselves in an unforeseen transition to manage our expectations of what's next. Are you leaning on your underdeveloped network? What does building a network during this time look like? What are you doing?

April 24th: Suspending Judgement of What's Next - I can be easy and you can rationalize yourself into believing naming, blaming, and pointing fingers as a necessary tool to help cope with things. However, you still have to move forward. What are you doing to navigate in a healthy way? Have you identified your first next step? Who needs to be involved? What resources do you need?

Let's get serious about our next steps!

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