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Tips for Managers: A Newly Remote Team Thanks to Covid-19

Working from home can sound like a great option, but for some of us, learning to do it can be a struggle. And in the wake of the 'work from home' mandates thanks to Covid-19, many managers are struggling to suddenly figure out how to manage a team remotely when they've only ever done it in person. This is a potentially huge topic with a sometimes tricky learning curve, but in this video I start with 5 Basic Steps you can take, as a manager, to help your team with this sudden change in your working model.

Additionally, I'll be doing several sessions of my Managing Teams Remotely webinar over the coming weeks. You can sign up on Eventbrite. The session is one-hour, and costs $25. It comes with a half-hour coaching session after the webinar to discuss specifics you may want to tackle. (Use promo code "badass" for a discount on the tickets.)

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